Three Degrees of Greatness


  • DNA Self Exoneration

  • Professional Body Builder

  • Demented Mother’s Care Provider


A winner against all odds, and proven champion; none of which would have been possible without WBNS 10TV news anchor Jerry Revish.  Learn how Walter D Smith freed himself from wrongful incarceration by way of DNA testing and won the first of five professional body building titles five months after being released from prison. Lend an ear to this survivor’s determination to NEVER give up on proving his innocence of rape and to NEVER place his demented Mother in a 24-hour adult health care facility.


Capture the “Three Degrees of Greatness” from former felon Walter D Smith’s Unseen Providence perspective. This champion has a compelling testimonial of turning adversity into prosperity. The Unseen Providence is a recently published book written about Walter’s Great Grandfathers, two former slaves who became the most powerful influential black leaders in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana during the post-slavery era. This historical novel clearly depicts the same kind of determination and perseverance of Walter’s uniqueness against all odds – turning his misery into victory.  After all, it’s in Walter’s DNA to stare defeat in the face and surpass it.


Because of bad choices, between the ages of 12 and 19, Walter is passionate about empowering youth and helping them learn to love, respect, and appreciate themselves with greater purpose and vision for their lives. Walter’s edutainment - keeping it real message inspires and engages all audiences to recognize their greatness, arming them with the weaponry to win in life against all odds. Walter’s heart felt charismatic delivery has impacted many from all walks of life.


Have you ever had to overcome an adversity? Has life taken you down the road of divorce, unplanned pregnancy, medical problems, obesity, incest, rape, alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness, incarceration, poverty, bankruptcy, loss of home, loss of a loved one, school drop out, crime victim, mental, emotional, or physical abuse, suicidal tendencies, self mutilation, rejection from family, friends or others? Provided you can answer yes to any of the above or unmentioned, let’s talk. Allow a survivor of adversity to inspire you and your team to win against all odds.


Walter D Smith, wrongfully imprisoned and sentenced 84 to 216 years, is a perfect example of turning adversity into prosperity. A community activist, leader, and talk show host, Walter has been awarded five Outstanding Contributions to the Community Awards

  • The Columbus Association of Black Journalists

  • The National Council of Negro Women

  • Lifeline of Ohio Organ and Tissue Donation

  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

  • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity


Finally, for six years, Walter provided round the clock care for his Mother, Mrs. Odessa Fuller Smith, who suffered severely from Alzheimer’s prior to her demise. Having spoken before more than 2000 audiences and delivering keynote addresses in venues of 10,000 plus people, lets make arrangements for this energetic and dynamic speaker for your next event.